Navigating the extensive features of Midjourney can be challenging for both beginners and experienced users. This comprehensive guide will provide an in-depth understanding of the Midjourney code list, enabling users to harness the full potential of this powerful AI bot for creating captivating visuals and experimenting with various commands.

From basic commands to advanced features, our guide ensures that users have the knowledge and skills necessary to excel with Midjourney. And making it a go-to resource for mastering this AI-driven creative tool.

Short Takeaways:

  • Discover the essentials of the Midjourney code list for seamless AI-bot interaction
  • Gain insights into advanced parameters, preferences, and settings for versatile creative outputs
  • Learn to troubleshoot common challenges and find answers to frequently asked questions

Introduction to Midjourney Command List

Midjourney commands allow interaction with the Midjourney AI bot, specifically within Discord. Utilizing these commands, users can generate images, adjust settings, and monitor profiles, among other useful functions. These commands can be executed in any bot channel on private Discord servers where the Midjourney AI bot has permission to operate, or via direct messages to the bot.

The main focus of the Midjourney command list revolves around midjourney and midjourney prompts, enabling users to effectively engage with the AI bot and explore its capabilities.

Basic Midjourney Code List

The essential commands for utilizing the Midjourney bot on Discord include the following:

/imagine:The main command for generating images based on text prompts (e.g., /imagine waffles and pancakes).
/help:Offers helpful tips and guidance regarding the Midjourney bot.
/info:Presents details about your user profile.
/subscribe:Enables subscription to the Midjourney bot.
/fast:Activates Fast mode, delivering quicker image generation at a possible compromise of consistency and reduced costs.
/relax:Initiates Relax mode, taking a slower approach to create images without any costs involved.
/show :Recovers a previously generated image using its specific job ID.
/private:Keeps your image generation jobs confidential.
/public:Restores visibility of your jobs to the public.
/prefer:Grants access to custom settings related to Midjourney options.

While the /imagine command is predominantly used, acquainting yourself with these additional basic commands will help you navigate and maximize your interaction with the Midjourney bot.

Advanced Parameters for the /imagine Command

The /imagine command can be customized using various parameters to tailor the image generation process. Some commonly used parameters include the following:

CodeOutputPossible Parameters
-beta:Utilizes an experimental image generation algorithm.
-hd:Employs an earlier algorithm for creating high-resolution images.
-aspect/-ar:Creates images with a specific aspect ratio.--ar 16:9
--ar 9:16
--ar 10:16
--ar 4:3
--ar 4:5
--ar 2:1
-w:Determines the image width.
-h:Assigns the image height.
-seed:Sets the seed value for generating images.
-sameseed:Applies an identical seed value across all images.
-no (e.g., -no plants):Omits specific elements from the image.
-iw:Adjusts the image prompt weight.
-stylize :Sets the intensity of the image style.
-q :Modifies image quality.
-chaos :Regulates the image's randomness.0-100 (0 is default)
-fast:Generates images quickly with less consistency and lower costs.
-stop:Halts the image generation process.
-video:Records a progress video during image generation.
-v <1 or 2>:Uses a previous algorithm for the final enhancement.
-uplight:Implements the "light" upscaler for image generation.
-blendBlend images together seamlessly
-chaos 0 (default) vs -chaos 100

Stylize & Quality Commands

Stylize commands play a crucial role in adjusting the artistic flair of generated images. To control the extent of stylization, use these values.

Quality commands influence the time required for image generation and the resulting quality.
Adjust these settings to find an ideal balance:

CommandSpeedDetailCostPossible Parameters
--q 0.254x fasterLess refinedLower
--q 0.52x fasterModerate detailMore affordable
--q 1Default speedOptimal qualityStandard price
--stylizeBalanced aesthetics and flexibility.0-1000

Dig deeper into Midjourney commands and learn about image generation to enhance your creative projects.

Utilizing Web Links for Inspiration

To incorporate a URL as reference with the Midjourney AI, follow this simple process:

  • Use the /imagine <URL> command, for example: /imagine city life.

The AI will then use the provided URL for ideas and context when generating content.

Text Weights, Preferences and Settings Commands

Utilize text weights to add emphasis on specific phrases while reducing focus on others. By default, a value of 1 is given if no weight is mentioned.

Prompt ExampleEmphasis
/imagine bread::1.5 food::-1Bread emphasized, food de-emphasized
/imagine cat::1.25 animal::-0.75Cat emphasized, animal de-emphasized
/imagine bread food::-1 animalBread highlighted, food and animal de-emphasized
**/settings**:Access the visual menu for configuration.
**/prefer suffix**:Modify non-visual configurations.
**/prefer suffix **:Append a specific suffix to each prompt.
**/prefer auto_dm True**:Auto-send generated images via Direct Messages.
**/prefer option set **:Create a shortcut for specific values.
**/prefer option list**:Show all your customized preferences.

Various options like /public, /relax, /fast, and stealth mode let you personalize settings, catering to different modes and command preferences. Modify default settings for an enhanced Midjourney bot experience.

Additional Commands

Experience enhanced functionality and receive more information with the Midjourney bot using these commands:

/ask:Obtain answers to your questions.
/daily_theme:Enable or disable notifications for updates in the #daily-theme channel.
/docs:Generate a link directing to specific topics in the user guide (exclusive to the official Midjourney Discord server).
/faq:Access popular prompt craft channel FAQs through a generated link (exclusive to the official Midjourney Discord server).
/returns:Determine the eligibility for returns, refunds, or replacements within a 30-day window after the item's receipt.

Bot Channels

Bot channels in Discord allow the Midjourney bot to process slash commands and create an interactive environment for users. These channels can be found in various categories, such as Newcomer Rooms, Thread Channels, Themed Image Gen, and General Image Gen, within the official Midjourney Discord server.

Exploring the artistic potential of AI tools can expand user creativity and bring imaginations to new heights. The Midjourney bot enables users to generate captivating visuals and interact with artistic features on the platform.

Users can also take advantage of the bot on private Discord servers by allowing it to operate in designated bot channels. Additionally, the bot can send direct message notifications and daily-theme channel updates to engage users. Managing Midjourney bot settings and preferences is possible through the user’s account page, accessible via a personal link on the web.